Why iComparrot

Why iComparrot’s Free Insurance Quote Comparison?

iComparrot is different. We looked long and hard at the other comparative insurance sites and scratched our heads. Other online home and auto insurance quotes are biased in several ways. The competition falls into one of these categories:

Direct Insurers: They give you their actual price, and the most pessimistic guess at what their competitors would charge

Data Aggregators: They rely on publicly available rates, and give the most optimistic guesses at what rates might be, based on insignificant information

Direction Pointers: They take your information and send it to several insurance companies without giving you a quote

With iComparrot, your info is analyzed instantly by “A” Excellent A.M. Best Rated Carriers …in Real-Time. You get home and auto insurance quotes immediately, on the same screen as you filled out your quote.


  • Impartial
  • Real Quotes
  • We don’t share your info!
  • Expert Advice
  • Claims Advocacy

iComparrot isn’t just another “good idea.” It’s the foremost choice for REAL comparative quoting, for home and auto insurance policies.

iComparrot is a product of Kapnick Insurance Group. Kapnick Insurance Group has been serving the Michigan, Ohio and Indiana areas for over 65 years.

The iComparrot Comparison Charts

Regardless of which company you choose on iComparrot, you will always work directly with Kapnick Insurance Group’s award winning Service Team…from quote to claim.

Insurance CarriersFinancial Strength*Year Company
was Established
Total Assets*Corporate Office
CITIZENS“A” Excellent1885Over $2.5 BillionHowell, Michigan
CENTRAL INSURANCE“A” Excellent1876Over $1 BillionVan Wert, Ohio
GRANGE“A” Excellent1935Over $1 BillionColumbus, Ohio
PROGRESSIVE “A” Excellent1937Over $20 BillionCleveland, Ohio
SAFCO“A” Excellent1912Over $115 BillionFairfield, Ohio
* AM Best Rating

iComparrot: REAL comparative home and auto insurance rates tailored specifically for you!

Direct InsurersHelping HasslersLead GeneratorsiComparrot
Think Of Them As…“We’ll match our price against their’s on our site!”“Give us all of your info, and we’ll send it to everybody we know!”“Just give us your zip code and we’ll show you out-of date rates we found online!”REAL comparitive rates tailored specificaly for you.
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Accurate RatesX
Impartial Rates?XX
Identity Privacy?XX
Unbiased Expert Advice?X
Client Advocating Claim’s Representative X
Carrier Rated “A” Excellent A.M. Best Rated Carriers or Better???X
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We are currently serving residents of Michigan & Ohio.
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