How does this work?

How iComparrot provides comprehensive and accurate home and auto insurance quotes for the Michigan and Ohio areas.

An accurate quote for insurance requires more than just a zip code. Filling out our form takes 3-5minutes.

Once you click the Submit button

Your info is sent securely to our carriers, where it is analyzed and your rates are issued based on the specifics you have included. (Your rates appear on the same screen as the form.)

Once you have received your rates

There are even more options to tweak coverage for your home or vehicle. There are many discounts we can offer if you qualify. For instance, we may ask about your employment or level of education to add additional discounts after you have submitted a quote. After you answer these questions, we will send you an even more accurate insurance quote for your automobile or home.

If at any time you have a question about your insurance policy and you’d like to speak with a live agent: call us at 888-PARROT2

Or you can always email us at:

We are currently serving residents of Michigan & Ohio.
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