Frequently Asked Questions

Which insurance carriers will quote my rates?

The current list of carriers is located in the About section

How will I know if I qualify for additional discounts?

We personally review each quote that is submitted. Sometimes we can deduce qualification for a discount, based on context clues. When this happens we rework the numbers and will email you with an updated quote.

Beyond providing quotes, what will iComparrot’s role be in my insurance policies?

iComparrot is a product of Kapnick Insurance Group. Kapnick Insurance Group will be your Service Provider. For over 65 years, Kapnick Insurance Group has put people first….from quote to claim.

What is an “Insurance Credit Score”?

An Insurance Credit Score is a numerical point system based on select credit report characteristics. Financial credit scores used in lending decisions and Insurance Credit Scores are not directly linked. An Insurance Credit Score is used to predict risk, and not creditworthiness. Insurance companies use insurance scores for underwriting decisions, this information is used to change premium amounts.

Will an Insurance Credit Score lower my Financial Credit Score?

No, an Insurance Credit Check will not have any impact on your Score.

We are currently serving residents of Michigan & Ohio.
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