Introducing John’s Wellness Journey!

Introducing John Kontos and his journey to wellness. Follow John on his quest to lose 88 pounds over the next 8-9 months with the assistance of Maria Hicks, Kapnick’s Health Coach.

This is the first of many blogs that will track and guide me to a healthier lifestyle over the next 8 or 9 months.  I have been implementing a great workout regimen and eating much healthier which is a great start.  I am never happy to step on a scale or tell people my actual weight (who is?) but, in the long run I am ready to be happy that I did to see the finish line more clearly by putting more accountability on the end result.  This is going to be a challenging weekend with it being Greek Easter and a family tradition in Greektown will be coming on Sunday for dinner.   I am ready for this challenge.  I am even more ready to look in the mirror and be happy with the person I see physically.  I put myself in this position and it is up to me to get myself out.  More to come…… 


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  1. Sandra Trumbo
    Sandra Trumbo says:

    Way to go John Kontos!! I’m going to be following you and also listening to Maria Hick’s suggestions on how to eat properly and exercise too :0)))

  2. Kathie DeLaCruz
    Kathie DeLaCruz says:

    You have proved to yourself that you can do this with the first 25 that you have lost. With the great support system that you have at Kanpick’s you will be a great inspiration to everyone. Keep it up John!

  3. Kathie DeLaCruz
    Kathie DeLaCruz says:

    You have proved to yourself that you can do this with the first 25 that you have lost. With the great support system that you have at Kapnick you will be a great inspiration to everyone. Keep it up John!

  4. Lindsey Stark
    Lindsey Stark says:

    Good luck John! It isn’t always easy but it is definitely exciting starting a new life style. In the process to becoming a healthier you, you will also feel so much better and the outcome will be so rewarding! I myself am doing the same thing!

  5. Bethany Shoemaker
    Bethany Shoemaker says:

    What an incredible journey you have started John! In the beginning of my marriage I lost 40lbs. I had to change my mind set about food (food is to fuel our bodies) and I cut down on my portions and worked out with the Billy Blanks Taebo videos. When the food starts talking to you then you know that you need some sleep. 🙂 You can do it!

    • Health Coach Maria
      Health Coach Maria says:

      I love Billy Blanks Taebo! Do you still do them? It’s been about 12 years.. but… the originals were so great! “Work those cheeseburgers off your thighs”. haha! 🙂 I love it, Bethany… “food is fuel” – that’s one of my motto’s too!

      • Bethany Shoemaker
        Bethany Shoemaker says:

        I enjoy doing a variety of workout methods anything from Taebo, Zumba, Hip Hop Abs ect. I was teaching Zumba for a while then I injured my knee. Got through physical therapy and am almost 100%. I am little by little getting back into the swing of things.

  6. Laura H
    Laura H says:

    John- you did it! You let all of us in as you stepped on the scale. I am excited to watch your progress and learn how to be healthy along the way! GO JOHN!!!

  7. CathyYensch
    CathyYensch says:


    Good for you! I know from experience this is a difficult journey. Stick with it and in the end you will be a healthier stronger more diligent you! You already have enough energy…now channel it to lose the weight you want! Kudos to you! Good luck… and remember, you can eat this weekend just eat smaller portions. Moderation is great…
    I will be watching for tips to use on my own as I have 50 lbs left to lose and I have hit a plateau… cant wait to see the transformation.

  8. Wendy Yelsik
    Wendy Yelsik says:

    Great Blog idea! I will be following too. I look forward to your success and the motivation this blog will provide to you and others.

  9. John "Flaco" Kontos
    John "Flaco" Kontos says:

    I know that I am not alone in the fight to be fit. I have talked about it for a very long time and never had the results I have desired. I am fired up and ready. I have to admit that I am scared to death about getting to my goal weight. It has been so long without successful weight loss that I almost can’t vision it. It is small potatoes what I have lost so far but deep down inside I know I have to do it. My family wants me around for a long time. Thank you everybody for the comments. I am emotionally charged up right now. Please send me your feedback at anytime. I will stand along side of you on this journey. We can do this together.

  10. Health Coach Maria
    Health Coach Maria says:

    I’m here for you John! I’ll be giving you some new and interesting workout tips along the way! You’re going to do great!!!

  11. Sandra Trumbo
    Sandra Trumbo says:

    You have inspired me John. It’s been stop and go for me butr at Meijer’s yesterday I bought 4 HUGE cucumbers and an entire bag of Roma tomatos and for a snack every day here at work I am going to slice some up and salt and pepper them just like you do for your snack every day. I also have my soup too for lunch. I am in this with you buddy!!

    • John "Flaco" Kontos
      John "Flaco" Kontos says:

      The cucumber and tomatoes are something that I ate as I was growing up. You can’t be Greek and not eat it together. I am happy that I have such a wonderful support team here at KIG. Our talks everyday mean the world. You are doing a great job. Now time to get rid of that sauce. Let’s keep this going.

      • John "Flaco" Kontos
        John "Flaco" Kontos says:

        I feel great and my body is a “good” kind of sore this week. I am walking outside rather than inside and it sure makes a difference. I feel so alive with energy, especially in the morning when I get up for work. I am eating better, working outy 6 days a week and getting quality sleep. Wait until my Doctor finds out that I am doing all of the things he told me to do and it’s working. I am going to step it up over the weekend. I have more time and the ability to add a family member or three into my workouts. My daughter Meg comes home from college and she is a night owl. Sounds like the perfect person to add another dimension to the regimen. My son Jake and wife Sherrie have been instrumental to making this work for everybody. My wife is down 20 lbs and has vowed to catch me before the end. NOT HAPPENING!!!!

        • John "Flaco" Kontos
          John "Flaco" Kontos says:

          I totally rocked it out this week. I am even excited about getting to the next workout. I can feel small physical changes every day. I can’t stop the momentum and must continue to move forward. Had a nice family walk yesterday with my wife and kids. I still feel that I have to take it another level. Time to work that core like Maria Hicks keeps telling me to do more of in my workout. I feel sore but a good sore.

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