Health Coach Corner – Tips for fighting the common cold this Fall & Winter!

Health Coach Corner by Maria Hicks

Who’s had a cold already? Many of us are getting a cold or the flu in the beginning of fall. Many people are most susceptible in colder months and the changing weather.

I was recently doing some reading and researching on tips (we can do everyday) to reduce our chances of getting sick. Through online searches and “First for women” magazine… here is a list of fun & easy ways to ward off your next cold. Let’s try not to get sick this winter! Personally, I try to exercise everyday, drink green & ginseng tea and eat a variety of fruits & veggies. Oh, and don’t forget to get your rest!

Exercise Daily – even for only 10 minutes (something is better than nothing) research states just 10 minutes of brisk exercise amps up our immune system for 3 hours!

Stop Sugar – Cut back on sugar (I know it’s hard to do with the holidays) but, sugar lowers our immune defenses, so after you eat something super sweet, you are more susceptible to catch a virus for several hours after your sweet indulgence.

Keep your feet warm – Put on your cozy, fuzzy socks – being cold narrows your blood vessels that nourish the skin and mucous membranes, preventing immune cells from reaching the sinuses.

Grab Garlic – did you know garlic is packed with 70 immunity-boosting compounds? Enough said.

Clean your toothbrush – when was the last time you cleaned or replaced your toothbrush? Try dipping into peroxide every week!

Suds up! – Wash your hands more often – the single best way to fight germs and don’t touch your face, eyes, nose or mouth!

Brew some ginseng tea – Just one cup daily could cut your risk of colds by 40%. Wow!

Swish with Salt – Doing so twice daily can cut your risk of viral infections by 34 %. Water flushes viruses before they can attach to throat cells, and salt kills the ones that hang on.

Enjoy a Pumpkin Muffin – Pumpkins are loaded with beta-carotene, a nutrient that spurs 33% rise in virus-fighting T cells – bake with pumpkin or eat it from the can (that’s what I do!)