How to Make Healthy Banana Pancakes with Chef George

ts easy to underestimate the power of healthy breakfast. Join Chef George Rapitis for a quick “healthier” version of Banana Pancakes.

Chef George ( studied and taught culinary arts at Schoolcraft College in Livonia, Mich. He has a doctorate in holistic nutrition from Clayton College of Natural Health, and a bachelor’s degree in dietetics from Madonna University also in Livonia. He has been featured on television segments such as “Fox TV 2 Cooking School” in Detroit and currently has a cooking show on Bright House cable that airs every Tuesday.

Kick-start your 2014 resolution with these healthy apps reviews!

Celebrate 2014

It’s a NEW year, and that means you have a clean slate to start taking advantage of new opportunities to improve your health- and there are new apps to assist you! Health Coach Maria Hicks has reviewed some of the best apps to get yours started off on the right foot. Click below to watch!

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Ergonomics 101

Kapnick Insurance Group’s Amy DeKeyser (Risk Solutions Manager) visits the Ergo-Gurus at Humantech, Inc. Humantech’s Josh Kerst solves 3 common problems found in the workplace.

Humantech, Inc. is the largest consulting team of Board Certified Professional Ergonomists in North America. For more about this extraordinary company visit:

For more great ergonomics resources:

@Risk is a monthly program that provides prevention tips for all types of businesses. For more information:

Financial Wellness Video

Kapnick Insurance Group’s Maria Hicks talks about our Monthly Health Spotlight: Financial Wellness

September – Food Allergy Awareness Month

August Wellness Video – Tips on Weight Loss

Health Coach Maria Hicks of Kapnick Insurance Group is joined by Kapnick Health Solutions Coordinator Kim Bielenda for a few tips in weight loss.
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Dental Health | Monthly Health Video

Dr. “Paul” connects the dots between a healthy mouth and a long life expectancy. Other topics include: inflammation, common fears of going to the dentist, the relationship between overall health and dental health and the best toothbrush.  Dr. Paul also performs an oral cancer exam.