From main street to a Global Presence:

The History Behind the Company

In 1946, Elmer Kapnick opened a small, storefront personal insurance company in downtown Adrian, Michigan which he named Kapnick Insurance. His clientele were mainly local residents needing home and auto insurance, and small business owners.

In the ‘60s, the agency started to focus on market niches, when Elmer’s son Douglas came on board. Douglas saw the potential to expand the agency’s reach beyond Adrian by focusing on areas of industry specialization. Over the next two decades, the agency expanded into other markets, many in the auto-related manufacturing segments, and doubled its size every few years. Douglas became president in 1976 and purchased the business from his father.

The ‘80s saw an economic downturn in Michigan and a departure of businesses from the region, so the agency targeted additional niches and extended its geographic reach to other Midwest states. These new niche markets included golf courses – which proved very lucrative for the company, towing and recovery operations and landscape and nursery businesses.

During the ‘90s management’s vision went beyond the surrounding states to the world. Early in that decade, Kapnick opened a second office in Southfield, and became an Assurex Global Partner. Since then, it has grown this relationship to serve more area businesses being bought by foreign entities, or expanding themselves overseas.

Kapnick Insurance heralded in the new century by purchasing an Ann Arbor employee benefits company in order to expand their offerings in this area. The company then changed their name to “Kapnick Insurance Group” to reflect their growing status. They announced their partnership with Ufer & Co., a leading Ann Arbor insurance agency in 2009, and in 2011 the two offices merged into one in the newly renovated building the agency purchased on Briarwood Circle, a prime location adjacent to Ann Arbor’s largest mall.

Looking ahead, the company has big plans for future growth and expansion. Led by Douglas’ sons Jim and Mike Kapnick, who purchased the business from their father in 2007 – taking it into third generation ownership – a comprehensive 5- year plan has been drafted. Goals include increasing staff and upgrading client offerings and services, strengthen client partnerships, and continue to be the agency of choice. They are well on their way!

Moving the Company Into the Future

With an eye on the past, and the cumulative talents and experience which have made Kapnick Insurance Group what it is today, company leaders look to the future and the continued success of Kapnick, their clients and partners.

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