Workplace Wellness – Communication is Key

Sarah Szul  Health Solutions Manager

Sarah Szul
Health Solutions Manager

Workplace Wellness – Communicate, Communicate, Communicate – Oh did I mention communication?


One of the greatest frustrations that companies report when it comes to implementing a worksite wellness program is the lack of employee engagement.  Many times the reason for the lack of engagement is due to inadequate communication about the worksite wellness program.  When a wellness program is properly designed, the minimum participation should be 70% in order to see an impact on healthcare costs, productivity, absenteeism, etc.

Usually the failure in a worksite wellness program is lack of communication. Employees need to understand what the company is doing and why so they will become successfully engaged in the program.

The employer should not only share the potential cost savings that a wellness program can bring, but also emphasize the health benefits to the employee.  Make sure that the information is presented through multiple channels (emails, posters, letters to the homes, videos, etc.) and that it is constructed in a way that makes sense to all levels of employees

As a potential cost-saving initiative, worksite wellness programs should be given the same executive support as any comparable employer-sponsored initiative. Effective communication about the wellness program must be integrated into existing corporation communication channels and stay in front of the employees throughout the year (not just during Open Enrollment).   The more you communicate about the worksite wellness program, the more your employees will come to trust the program and become engaged.

Here is an example of how I communicated to our employees about a new wellness challenge called WaterWorks.