What is the Paleo Diet?

Health Solutions Coordinator

Health Solutions Coordinator

With a new year brings new gadgets,  fitness and diet fads.  One that is gaining popularity is the Paleo Diet.  This is the adaption of the “Caveman” diet.  Paleo literally means old or ancient.  If we look at our history books; yes the one at the very top of the shelf with dust and cob webs, and start at the beginning you will see man in top shape.  Lean muscles and excellent health, they are the epitome of what modern day man is trying to achieve. However, the question is; if there weren’t any gyms or protein shakes back then how could they possibly do it?

As we know healthy living is part exercise and part diet.  Some would even argue that it’s a 60-40 ratio with diet trumping exercise.  The Paleo diet limits your diet to only foods that the caveman had available.  Meaning sugar, dairy and grains are restrictions for this meal plan.  This diet requires meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.  All of which during caveman time were provided by nature.  Before man discovered farming, they had to hunt and gather food which required man to be physically strong and agile.  You know the saying “Only the strong survive.”  It’s true.  Man had to be quick and keen when it came to hunting.  Excess body weight and lack of flexibility back then may have meant not eating.

Below if the Paleo diet shopping list.

Paleo Diet – What You Can Eat





Turkey Asparagus Apple Almonds
Chicken Breast Avocado Avocado (Yep! It’s a fruit) Cashews
Steak Broccoli Blackberries Hazelnuts
Lamb Brussels sprouts Grapes Pecans
Shrimp Carrots Peaches Pine Nuts
Lobster Spinach Plums Pumpkin Seeds
Salmon Cabbage Mango Sunflower Seeds
Veal Zucchini Blueberries Macadamia Nut


Please keep in mind that a diet should not be adapted before consulting with your physician.  The Paleo diet does require a lot of meat eating that for some people can cause digestive problems.  Also, changing your eating habits should be a lifestyle change.  Do your research and make sure whatever fad you decide to follow is a good choice for YOU!