Workplace Wellness – Program Trends

wellness collageTrends in nearly every aspect of life are changing the way wellness programs can engage your employees and bring greater value to your organization.

One trend for 2013 is Personalization.  It’s all about creating a program that allows you to reach the right people at the right time with the right information.  And it has to be information that is relevant to them.

The successful engagement of employees in health and wellness programs increasingly means being able to better target your programs and communications to the unique health needs and the specific desired health outcomes of defined groups and employees.

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Methods to personalize wellness programs include, but are certainly not limited to:

Emails and Web content tailored for a target audience

When a participant logs in to their company wellness site, they want to see what’s important to them at a glance and have it presented to them right there.  Participants don’t want to have to hunt and search for the programs that matter to them. EXAMPLE:  Provide risk-specific information to participants (Information on ways to lower risk for diabetes to those with high glucose readings)

Rewards and incentives targeted to specific groups

If your employee population is seeing a trend in obesity, or your employees’ biometrics have come back and you see a specific trend you want to address, you can target those areas with special communications and incentives. EXAMPLE:  Provide an incentive or reward to those who get a Flu Shot or the women in your company over 40 that get a mammogram

Segmented reporting designed to help you understand and maximize program impact through more-targeted planning and communication.

Workplace wellness programs can be a big investment of company time and money. You want to know the specific programs your employees are participating in, which groups of employees are engaged, how they’re engaged, and over what period of time. EXAMPLE:  Employee participation, number enrolled, activities completed

With that kind of data, you can see how engagement and behaviors are changing over time, how they are affecting the health of your overall workforce, and how you can make changes in response.

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