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I have to be honest and tell you that this past week was the most challenging week of this whole journey. I have never worked as hard as I did this week and to lose a 1/2 pound was discouraging. It was a small victory. I spent 5 days at the gym and worked myself very hard after work in the evenings and over the weekend. I have logged each and every piece of food that I have eaten and drank a ton of water. I am trying to do everything by the book and it has been a one of the hardest things to do. Being stuck in this plateau is keeping me on edge. It feels like my metabolism is running slower than molasses on some days and faster at other times. It is very frustrating. Sarah said to me that that your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same. I know that my desire to change is greater and I need to continue to work my butt off (literally) and not quit ever in this journey. The number one reason why people give up so fast is because they tend to look at how far they still have to go instead of how far they have gotten. I will not lose this battle.

If it doesn’t challenge you then it doesn’t change you right?


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  1. Sandra Trumbo
    Sandra Trumbo says:

    Well, that certainly is frustrating. To do all the exercise and journal what you are eating and still not lose weight. I agree with you about why some of us give up so fast because we look at how much we have to lose. But just like saving nickels and dimes, it eventually adds up! I suggest for every pound you lose, buy a pound of butter. That’s how much fat you will have lost. Can you imagine??

    Seriously though, one stick of butter is one pound! I also agree about what Sarah says…your desire to change has to be greater than the desire to remain the same. It’s comparable to being in a rut! Sometimes you need somebody to give you a bit of a push…let’s face it….you need a tow truck sometimes LOL! I know the feeling!

    Hey, I went to the dentist yesterday and he numbed me up by giving me two shots. That stuff is nasty after you get the work done as you are so numb even coffee tastes bad. Well now, I think I am on to something here. Novicaine. I wonder if I can self-inject when I get hungry…..hmmmm….LOL..I’d be so skinny!

    John, know that you are not alone!! I’m on this road with you and I’m positive there are tons of people out there that are looking for that “push” to get on the same road to wellness! Sorry for the long reply but that’s me on coffee…3 cups…. :0)

  2. Sandra Trumbo
    Sandra Trumbo says:

    I noticed you had a wonderful lunch yesterday. It looked so nice on the big glass plate. Spinach, tomatoes, etc. and greek vinegarette….nice and healthy and it smelled so good too. I’m proud of the way you are sticking to your new healthy diet. You cannot be expected to just give up everything…portion control is a must, of course. But you are definitely making me think about creating lunches like this from now on!! I might mix the spinach with some lettuce to give it a little something extra :0)

  3. Sharon M. Murph
    Sharon M. Murph says:

    Lol, I love journey to lose weight because I have my own, too!!!
    Let’s try together to see who will reach the goal first. If you like, you can track my journey to success here: water aerobics equipment. Give me comments so that we can share experience.

  4. Maria
    Maria says:

    Congrats on your little success! How are things now?
    Like you, I’m struggling to lose weight. I love running Running as hell is my favorite quote because I can lose weight dramatically! Of course I do not encourage it if you have some health problems, but for me, running is the best way to keep fit!

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