The Healthy Bite – Fruit Infused Water

251Many popular beverages like sodas, juices, flavored waters and sport drinks contain empty calories that are fueling the obesity epidemic.  One of the major problems with this assortment of beverages is that they provide minimal nutritional value and do not properly hydrate the body. A common misconception created through advertisements is that sport drinks provide a real energy boost during athletic training without any negative aspects, but they contain sugar as well.  A great alternative that keeps you hydrated through the day and has nutritional benefits is fruit infused water. This is a great option for our bodies that is revitalizing, healthy and tasty!

Fruit infused water is exactly what it sounds like: water that is infused with an assortment of different fruits or herbs without the addition of extra sugar or artificial sweeteners. Your body will reap the benefits of staying hydrated with the addition of vitamins and minerals that the fruits and herbs provide which also support immunity, healing and detoxification. The addition of different fruits and herbs can provide specific benefits like lowering cholesterol, inflammation and fighting disease and infection.

Drinking fruit infused beverages will keep your body energized and hydrated during the day promoting an overall healthier lifestyle. Infusing your water can sound complicated but it is actually a quick and easy process that anyone can do.

Fruit infused water requires the simple technique of cutting up fruits and herbs of your choice and soaking them in water for a few hours; the longer the water is infused the more flavor it will have.  It has been compared to marinating meat before cooking which is a way to add flavor to a basic ingredient. Infusing water is a great way to get the daily recommendations of 2-3 liters of water a day and support a healthy lifestyle.

Fruit infused water will keep you hydrated and keep the extra calories out of your daily diet from unneeded sodas, juices, flavored waters and sports drinks. Your overall dental health will be improved by keeping your teeth free of the extra sugars that coat your teeth and cause decay. This summer consider fruit infused water as a great beverage substitute that is inexpensive, easy and quick to make – especially fitting for a hot day!

Cucumber and Lemon Medley

1 sliced lemon

½ of cucumber sliced

1 jar of water

Add all these ingredients in a 2-quart pitcher and let infuse for at least two, like previously mentioned the longer the fruit and herbs are infused the more flavor the water will have.     Happy Drinking!


Tess Zasuwa

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