Team Kapnick Looking Forward to Another Winning Season in 2013!

When you think of winning athletic teams, there is an immense sense of pride that follows them. Their fans are proud supporters and the team walks with a certain “swagger.” The same can be said about our organization. Our clients have become loyal fans, thrilled with our success and proudly doing business with us. At the same time there is a very positive vibe in the air within the four walls of the Kapnick Insurance Group (KIG) offices… one can sense energy, passion and excitement! We truly have built a world-class winning team and would like to thank our client partners for being an important part of our success.

2012 was definitely a “Year of Celebration.” We broke into the Top 100 Insurance Brokers in the U.S. and ALL of our departments grew and were profitable. We feel that in 2013 will be faced with a very competitive and unpredictable playing field. However, we strongly believe we are in the best position we have ever seen to succeed through these turbulent times.

To achieve success, it will take a concerted effort on the part of everyone. For the upcoming year, we have developed a set of Strategic Objectives that everyone in our organization is expected to follow in order to achieve our overall goal of creating tremendous KIG Loyalty. We plan to do this by focusing on improving the service we provide our clients, which we feel sets us apart from the rest of the teams in the “league”.

We would like to share these with you, and allow you to hold us accountable to them:

  • Caliber: Improve and develop the caliber of KIG team members
  • Community: Improve the exposure of our charitable and volunteer activities within the community
  • Awareness: Increase our awareness with clients, prospects, carrier partners and KIG team members
  • Accountability: Establish processes that assure we deliver on our promises
  • Creativity: Foster an environment that encourages innovation from all
  • Agility: Reduce roadblocks and barriers that slow down our service offerings to clients

Whether you are an employee, client or insurance company partner – thanks for being an important part of our team – we look forward to a successful, profitable and “winning“ year!

Best Regards,