Sun Safety Tips!

It’s summer and it’s hot and sunny. We need to protect ourselves from the harmful rays of the sun. We love sunshine! It’s actually healthy for you, but in small amounts

Here are my favorite tips to staying healthy in the sun!

• Wear SPF (this may be a no-brainer) but a lot of people do not wear sunscreen. Wear it on the cloudy days as well. SPF 15-30 is best

• Wide-brimmed hats work well to keep sun away from eyes and face

• Wear big sunglasses that protect your whole eye area and the delicate skin around your eyes by wearing thick sunglasses

• Consider SPF clothing – especially if you are outside running, hiking and biking for long periods of time (these clothes will protect your chest, shoulders and back)

• Avoid the strongest sunshine between 10:00-3:00pm. Go outside in the early morning or evening

• Don’t forget to use sunscreen on your ears and feet (when you wear sandals and flip flops)

• Protect yourself in the car too! You can still get a sunburn through your windows and if you drive with your window rolled down

Sun Safety VIDEO

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