Stretch Away Tension! – Kapnick Health Coach Corner

Don’t you feel great after taking time to stretch?   If you sit at a desk for most of your day, it’s going to be very important for you to stand up and stretch throughout the day!  Also, doing specific stretches for your head, neck & shoulders will be helpful in the tension you may feel in this area.   Here are some tips:

Neck Stretches:  Stretch your right ear to your right shoulder, keeping your left shoulder pulled down.  Slowly lift your head to upright and repeat on the other side.

Roll your shoulders & shrug your shoulders:  Make big circles forward & backward and create mobility & flexibility in your shoulders.

Massage yourself:  Take some time and massage the muscles between your shoulder blades and your neck.  This simple step goes a long way to reduce soreness and tension.

Standing body roll:  Let your head roll forward until your chin is on your chest, keep rolling down as your knees begin to bend when you hands are hanging near your knees, rest there for a moment and slowly roll back up.

Sit & Reach:  Sitting upright in your chair, scoot to the edge of your chair and sit tall, embrace your good posture and reach both hands to the sky and think about stretching through your entire back & spine

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