Stress Less for Heart Health

hands-heart-shapeStress can take its toll on your heart, mind and overall health.  We all encounter stress in our lives, but how can we deal with the stress better?  In today’s blog, I want to share some of my favorite 5-minute stress busters to relieve stress and take some pressure off your heart by lowering stress and blood pressure.

BREATHE – Spend time (everyday) deep breathing in and out through your nose.   Belly breathing will lower cortisol (stress hormone) and induce a relaxed feeling.  Breathing at night, before going to bed will help you fall asleep.

LAUGH – Remember the last time you had a really good “belly laugh”?  Yeah, you felt great, right? Enough said.  Stress less and laugh more often!

MASSAGE – Getting a massage relaxes the muscles but also the mind.  Get a massage on a regular basis or enlist a family member to rub your shoulders.

EXERCISE & STRETCH – These activities release endorphins, those “feel good hormones”.  You will immediately lower your stress levels and feel energized and also relaxed.

LAVENDER OIL – The scent of lavender has been known to be deeply relaxing.  Many people will spray a lavender mist on their bed or pillow at night, or use a scented candle or dab lavender oil on the wrists.


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