Stay Fit During the Winter Months

Maria Hicks  Health Solutions Coach

Maria Hicks
Health Solutions Coach








So, what are some great ways to stay active and fit…even in the cold, dark days of winter?


Here are some of my favorite tips:


  • Get up and workout first thing in the morning.  Go to the gym.  Do a DVD in your living room.  Jump on a mini trampoline.  Do something right away to get your energy levels soaring in the morning and jumpstart those “feel-good” hormones!


  • Simply ADD MORE ACTIVITY into each day.  Stand more.  Walk more.  Do some squats throughout the day.  Stretch.  Take stairs, whenever possible.  Take a brisk walk at lunch (when it’s still light outside).
  • Join a sports team or class in the evenings.  In the winter… there are a lot of group fitness classes, yoga, sporting games, and leagues to join.  Play basketball or soccer on an evening during the week.  Take a 7:00pm yoga class at a gym or community recreation class.


  • Since it gets dark earlier… go to bed earlier to get a good night’s sleep and make a point to wake up a little early to exercise!


  • Get the kids active too!  Sign them up for sports, have a dance party at home, have a family challenge – jumping jacks, push-ups, etc.  Have fun with fitness!