“Spring into Fitness” tips to get outside and moving!

Maria Hicks Health Coach

Maria Hicks
Health Coach

It’s finally Spring and the weather will be getting warm and sunny.  It’s time to “spring into fitness” and get outside for some activity!   Did the long winter make you inactive?  Are you longing to get outside?


Here are some tips and ideas for jumpstarting your summer fitness routine:

  • Find time to get outside throughout the day!  No need to commit 30-60 minutes (in a row) to exercise.  You can do a quick walk in the morning, walk at lunch and walk/run again in the evening (just 10 minutes at a time have huge benefits!)
  • Take advantage of the long days and get outside at 7:30-8:00pm and walk, run, bike – take the whole family.  Don’t just sit and watch TV all night!
  • Play tennis (many high schools have tennis courts you can use for Free!)
  • Play kickball – grab your family and friends and hit the Metro park
  • Buy an inexpensive jump rope and get outside on your driveway or sidewalk
  • Sign up for a 5K – and train for it
  • Toss the Frisbee (running after it will get your cardio going!)
  • Just be more active – walk more, move more, stand more… sit less!