September is also “Food Allergy Awareness Month”

Food Allergies

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September is also “Food Allergy Awareness Month” and people often as me “You are gluten free, what DO you eat?” Yes, I am gluten free and there are plenty of options. Many people ask me what they can/should eat when following a gluten free diet. Make sure to always read food labels. Here are some ideas to get you started:

What you CAN eat on a gluten free diet:

• Brown rice
• Brown rice cakes
• Brown rice tortillas
• Brown rice pasta
• Quinoa pasta
• Mung bean or black bean pasta
• Flours – made from beans, brown rice, quinoa, millet, corn
• Low fat corn chips
• Corn tortillas
• Gluten free oatmeal (Bob’s Red Mill has a good one!)
• Gluten free Oat bran (make sure label states “gluten free” on oat products)
• Hot brown rice cereal
• Gluten free lentil chips
• Rice crackers & chips
• Millet
• Quinoa
• Beans – all kinds
• Lentils
• All fruits
• All vegetables
• Lean meats (as long as they are not breaded or fried)
• Eggs
• Gluten free salad dressings (read labels!)
• Sunshine veggies burgers (be careful of most frozen burgers or meals)
• Hilary’s Eat Well – veggie/bean burgers

Snack ideas:

• Fruit & vegetables
• Hummus
• Rice cakes with almond butter
• Trail mixes
• Larabar or KIND bars