Promoting Power Boosts for Your Employees During the Work Day

Sarah Szul  Health Solutions Manager

Sarah Szul
Health Solutions Manager


An individual’s work life can suck the energy right out of them.   However, the employer can take advantage of the workplace to put pep in their employees’ step and become more productive than ever.
Stress can play a huge factor in how well your employees perform at work.  It clouds their thinking and wears them down.  Without that energy, they lose creativity, concentration and motivation – which directly affects an employer’s bottom line.

The most effective way to fight low energy is with a heavy dose of thorough stretching, proper breathing, and good posture.  There are plenty of power boosters all around the workplace.  There are many ways you can help your employees reduce stress and increase energy.

Increase Activity

  • Encourage employees to use the stairs and step up and down the bottom step (like step aerobics).
  • Start a pick up game of trashcan basketball!  Create trick shots, or play against a coworker.  Or better yet – place a basketball hoop in the parking lot for employees to shoot around during their breaks.
  • Get a group of employees together and go for a short walk around the office or outside around the block.
  • Provide a handout with stretches for your employees to do throughout the day.


  • Provide word puzzles in the Break Rooms – crossword puzzles, Sudoku
  • Allow your employees to rearrange their workspace – if permissable.
  • Let employees stand perfectly still for two minutes (just taking some deep breaths) for 2-3 times a day.
  • Maybe even allow napping??? Click here to read an article about Power Napping at work.