Four Seasons of Insurance – Flood Insurance Revisited

by Sam Engardio

Earlier this year I posted a blog about the importance of flood insurance. With the arrival of Hurricane Irene I thought I might re-post a document on myths and facts of  flood insurance. For those who don’t have flood insurance, it usually takes 30 days for a policy to go into effect.

Myths and Facts

However, there are ways to help you expedite insurance claims should any wind or other property damage occur:

  • Keep a record of your insurance policy numbers and the contact information for your insurance agent nearby.
  • Conduct an inventory of your valuables and other belongings. Walk through your home with a video recorder or camera and take pictures. It will prove helpful should you have to file a claim.
  • Place important documents, like bank account and insurance records, in a waterproof container, or better yet a safe.
  • Secure patio furniture and other loose objects. Garbage cans, umbrellas, toys, grills and other objects that can become missiles in high wind and damage siding, windows and doors.
  • Trim loose or dead branches from trees and shrubs. This is especially important if they’re near power lines.
  • Protect windows. If you have storm shutters, close and secure them. Owners of homes in very vulnerable areas may want to cover windows with plywood or boards. Taping the windows won’t save them, but may make clean-up easier if they do break.