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We developed iComparrot, a product of Kapnick Insurance Group, as a way for individuals to go online 24/7, enter their information and get an insurance quote. iComparrot is the easy way of doing things on your own time, but still having an insurance agent to review & make sure you have the proper coverage. Oh, and Polly C is our spokesperson (the parrot).

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Articles of Interest

Graduation Safety

Teen driving tips to keep prom and graduation safe.  High School is full of defining moments for teens. READ More


In our area, tornado season begins in April and typically peaks in June.  Last year according to the Farmers Almanac there were 8 tornadoes on March 15 alone.  Be informed and make a plan. READ More

College Graduation Insurance Tips

Protect your college grad with the right insurance.  If you read this article you’ll also find ways to protect yourself and all of the assets you’ve worked hard to acquire.  Have you completed a personal insurance review? READ More

Word to the wise 
Your Weekly Cup of Joe (Buick) Kapnick Insurance Blogger
Have you always wanted to know if you are properly covered?  Would you prefer an insurance review tailored just for you, we can help.  Read the attached article regarding a Key Employee Personal Insurance Review from our own,
Joe Buick, CIC, CRM, Vice President – Client Executive

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Featured Question 

Q. Is there an online Boater Safety Course?

A. Yes, in Michigan you can take an online class.  You must be at least 12 years of age and pay a fee of $29.50 once you pass the class.

GO TO Boat Michigan Course

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Feature video

Grilling Safety Tips 

Now that the weather is getting nice and it feels like Spring is finally here, you might be ready to fire up the grill!  Keep your family, friends, and properly protected by following the tips in this video. 

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