What information should I have prepared when I call for an insurance quote?

Your current declarations pages if you have them, all household members dates of birth and drivers license numbers, year, make, model, and  VIN number for all vehicles, information about your home such as square footage, year built, year of last updates to roof, heating, electrical and plumbing.

I already paid for my insurance, but I found Kapnick has a better rate. Do I have to wait until my current policy expires to switch?

No. All you need to do is call your current agent and tell them what date you would like your policy cancelled. They will have you sign a cancellation request and once the policy is cancelled, you will receive your prorated refund from them.

What does comprehensive coverage cover?

Fire, theft, vandalism, glass breakage, and hitting a deer (as long as you don’t go off the road and hit anything else).

What is the difference between broad, regular, and limited collision?

In Michigan we have 3 types of collision to chose from. Broad form provides the best coverage in that you are only responsible for your collision deductible if you are at fault in the accident. If you are not at fault then your deductible is waived. Regular or standard collision means you are responsible for paying your deductible no matter who is at fault in the accident. Limited collision is not commonly used. This coverage means you only have collision coverage if you are found not at fault. If the fault is even partly yours, there is no collision coverage at all.

How long do tickets, accidents,and claims affect my insurance?

It depends on the company but, typically 3 years; 5 years if it is a major violation such as a careless driving or DUI.

When does my teenage driver need to be added to my auto policy?

When your child has received their level 2 license.

What does PLPD mean?

This means you have liability only coverage for your vehicle. There is no physical damage coverage at all.

How is the replacement cost determined for my home?

We use a replacement cost estimator to determine what it would cost to rebuild your home if you had a loss. We ask specific questions about your home such as square footage, number of stories, flooring types, wall coverings, number of bathrooms, customization, roof type, & if you have any unique features such as sky lights.

What is an umbrella policy and why do I need one?

An umbrella policy starts out at 1 million in coverage and you can buy up from there. This policy increases your limit of liability protection over your home, auto, and recreational vehicle policies. If you had an auto accident and your auto policy had a $500,000 liability limit and you were sued for $1,000,000 your auto would pay the $500,000 policy limit and  then your $1,000,000 umbrella policy would be there to cover the other $500,000. If you didn’t have an umbrella policy, you would be responsible for paying the other $500,000 out of your pocket which could mean financial ruin!

If my garage burned down and my motorcycle was parked in there, is it covered under my homeowners policy?

No. Motorcycles are not covered under a homeowners policy. You must purchase a separate policy in order to have the proper coverage.