News flash! It is a global economy

Global EconomyIf you are considering expanding operations outside of the United States, how are you planning on insuring it? If you already have operations in another country, are you able to handle the day to day administration of the insurance program in the same manner you handle your domestic? If not, you may want to ask your agent if they have access to an “owned network” of like minded agencies across the globe that can help you centralize your insurance program. Kapnick is a proud member of Assurex Global and can deliver this if needed.

Established in 1954, Assurex Global is an exclusive partnership of the world’s premier independent insurance agents and brokers – with over 500 offices on six continents and more than $28 billion in annual premium volume. This volume comes into play with partners in the U.S.A also. Stay tuned as you may very soon read about exclusive access to a Health Exchange developed via Assurex. This exchange would be 100% compliant with the Affordable Care Act…..and coming to an Assurex Agency near you.

Their Shareholders recognize that the personal connections and knowledge gained through years of doing business in the same community makes a true difference in delivering outstanding client service. Their partnership makes it possible for independent brokers to deliver that unique local connection on a global basis. Assurex Global Shareholders are entrepreneurial, innovative, principled, loyal and focused on doing what’s right for the client.

Not a “pay-to-play” organization—partnership within Assurex Global must be earned. In fact, every Assurex Global broker is carefully selected following a rigorous review process which is followed by on-going, enforceable evaluations. That’s why clients know they’re working with the best when they choose an Assurex Global Shareholder.

Some of the  selection standards include:

  • Expertise in problems unique to a geographic area
  • Broad access to insurance markets
  • Financial strength that reflects sound business practices
  • A reputation for progressive business leadership and respect from the insurance industry and local/regional business community
  • Active participation and commitment to serve other Assurex Global Partners to solve client  problems
  • A professionally qualified staff which is motivated to provide complete insurance, risk management and employee benefit services

These standards can be attained across the globe, no matter where you are expanding your business….and can be delivered to you locally.  Is your agent offering a global insurance network?