Maintain…Don’t Gain!

Tips to Maintain Your Weight Through the HolidaysHoliday Table web

It’s December and we just completed Thanksgiving – I’m sure we all had our fill of tasty dishes and desserts. I know the whole month of December is a sea of work potluck parties, buffets, holiday parties, family parties and all kinds of food and treats.  But, how can we maintain our weight through all of it?

With these simple tips and tricks you can enjoy your holidays but not feel snug in your clothes when January rolls around:

  • Exercise more and often! Find ways to add more activity into each day.  Stand more. Walk more. Do some squats.  Push-ups. Go to the gym. Lift weights at home.
  • No time for exercise?  Even 10 minutes a day can help curb hunger and stave off extra calories
  • Drink a LARGE glass of water about 10-20 minutes before a large holiday meal
  • Be the one who brings the healthy dish – salad, veggies & hummus, oil-free brownies or bread
  • Take ONE plate of food.  Wait 20 minutes after you finish to determine if you want another helping (many times you will be satisfied and not even want a second or third portion)
  • Focus on family, loved ones, playing games, etc.  – don’t focus on the food
  • Let yourself have a “cheat day” – here or there (but not every day during the holidays)
  • Join a gym early!  Why wait until January?  Join one now and start exercising during December
  • Find ways to cut calories (bake with applesauce instead of oil, use Greek yogurt instead of creamy sauces and soups,  skip the dinner rolls, opt to eat veggies before a large meal)
  • Enjoy the holidays and special time with friends and family!