LorantMMS & Kapnick Partner via Assurex = Seamless Mexican Insurance Options

Vice President

Vice President


With this being said, how do business owners or CFOs handle their Mexican insurance program? Often times companies rely on agents that have been referred by outside business contacts. Other times international trade groups have agents that are available to provide insurance products that often are required by law in their country. Some US agents have Mexican contacts that have handled spot accounts for them, and still others find their agent by pure chance and quick local searches. All of these avenues can potentially work, but the true answer may be available to you via Kapnick and their deep relationship with LorantMMS in Mexico.

As covered during earlier blog entries, Kapnick is a proud member/partner and only Michigan representative of Assurex Global. This member owned network of like agencies has one of its strongest partners in Mexico. LorantMMS is a leader in Mexico with 6  offices and over 330 employees. Because LorantMMS is a partner with Kapnick, they handle all of our Mexican business large or small, established or  “start-up” with the local professionalism that you may have with your US broker.  When doing business in Mexico or other countries, you need a trusted partner on the ground;  a partner that can offer best in class insurance programs and more importantly general advice for any business activities in Mexico. If face to face contact is important, LorantMMS will visit with  your team in the US for initial meetings, or at your Mexican operation to start the process. If employee benefits are important to your team in Mexico (called Major Medical and Life), LorantMMS can handle this too.

Has your agent offered options for your new Mexican operation? For more information please respond to this blog and we would be happy to Introduce you to LorantMMS!


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