Key Employee Personal Insurance Review

men shaking hands_webHas your company ever considered offering Personal Lines Insurance as a voluntary benefit? This line of insurance has been somewhat stripped of customer service over the past several years. Maybe you can successfully save 10% instantly with a promise from a national spokesperson.  This  method of purchasing personal lines might be adequate for a percentage of the population, but what if you could get enhanced service, better coverage options and a competitive price and have it delivered “in person” to you and your key employees? Would this be considered a benefit?

Your company’s owner(s),executive team and  key employees may just have some  stuff to cover that might not fit into a simple little package.  Folks today may have multiple cars, recreation vehicles, collector cars, cottages, homes used as rentals, and other nuances that are difficult to find a practical and affordable insurance option. Has your personal lines agent ever discussed “Risk” with you?

At Kapnick, we have a dedicated sub-set of our personal lines department that works directly with our commercial clients and their team’s personal lines needs. It is not unusual for us to meet groups of 3 to 30. We conduct the initial meetings at the employees worksite and manage the process with input from our commercial client. We collect policy information and make individual proposals after we carefully analyze current policies for gaps. We then send each individual’s info to as many as 12 carriers for their quotes.

The quote/proposal is very important and we present it in person to review options. But just as important are items that we have uncovered and fixed for our clients. One example of this is a single father of two twenty something daughters. These daughters have moved out of his home, but he has decided to insure their vehicles that are still owned by them. This creates a coverage gap as we can only insure vehicles owned or leased by our insured.  A claim may be denied if this were found out after the fact. A detailed review of this employee’s insurance policies uncovered this.

Has your commercial agent offered personal lines service for your Key Employees?

If you or your company are interested in a personal lines insurance review, please call Beth Ferguson, Client Executive at 888-263-4656, x1125 or .

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