Kapnick Wellness – Fitness is a Family Affair

Going down the road of fitness is not always the easiest road to travel. It takes a certain level of discipline and determination to decide daily that one will make healthy choices. Let’s be honest, when everyone on your job is going for pizza at lunch and you have your healthy baked chicken breast and steamed vegetables it can be discouraging. Also, when you’re on a journey of fitness and your family isn’t, the journey can seem long and lonely. This is why fitness should be and can be a family affair. When you find a partner for your fitness journey, the journey becomes even more fun, exciting and rewarding. Your family can be the best fitness partner when approached properly. Becoming a Drill Sergeant may not be the best way to approach it. However, incorporating small fitness ideas into your daily life could prove to be helpful for the entire family.

For example:

“Designate one evening as family fitness night. Each week, a different person designs the family workout that you will all do together. Whether it’s swimming, rollerblading, walking, Frisbee golf, or a two-on-two basketball game—everyone gets to do something they enjoy, and your workout will never become dull” (Downie, 2012).

Create a family fitness competition between the children and the adults in your home. Children often jump at the chance to compete with and attempt to win when the opponent is the parent. The prize can be decided and participated in by all.

Remember that having an partner in fitness can make the take fun and easier to do. Simple steps like these can make the journey to fitness an exciting and rewarding family affair.


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