Kapnick Team focuses on Core Values

If you happen to visit one of Kapnick’s three Michigan offices, you will likely either hear about our core values….or at least witness them. For the past couple of months, this blog has primarily reviewed coverage highlights. This week I will briefly illustrate Kapnick’s Core Values. These values are ingrained within the fabric of Kapnick and are openly referred to during any normal business day. As you read these core values, please consider if you might appreciate your agent or service contact at Kapnick  following  these. Here they are:

  • Integrity
    We demonstrate integrity in all aspects of our business. Our reputation is our greatest asset. We are open honest and fair, we admit our mistakes, correct them and move on.
  • Respect
    Respect isn’t only a word, it’s our way of life. We treat all of our employees, clients and business associates with respect. We treat all of our employees as individuals…..with trust and dignity. We respect, value and nurture each client and carrier relationship.
  • Stewardship
    Our Passion is stewardship. Exceptional service is our standard….for internal and external clients. It starts with a premise that we do what we say when we say it, no excuses. Each one of us take a personal responsibility for solving our clients’ problems. We work harder and smarter to find solutions for our clients.
  • Innovation
    Innovation is at the heart of our business. We differentiate ourselves by seeking creative solutions for creative problems. We encourage innovation and creativity, guided by experience. We embrace change, constantly searching for ways to improve our business.

Whether your  agent is providing a simple certificate of insurance for you, or addressing a serious threat to your business, would one agree, that applying these core values would be important? Is your agent demonstrating core values for you….

Joe Buick