Kapnick Invests further in Transportation and Vocational Truck Capability

Vice PresidentVery early in Kapnick Insurance Group’s commercial insurance life, it knew that niche marketing and “program related” insurance was a way for them to grow beyond its borders in Lenawee County. Conventional insurance sales through strong customer service, community involvement and key carrier relationships did indeed help the organization rise from a smaller town like Adrian, MI, to become a recognizable force in Lenawee County. But to grow beyond the local borders like many other successful U.S.- based agencies, expanding beyond its geographic boundaries was necessary.

The first attempt at expansion was a success – Kapnick Insurance Group designed a foreign auto dealership program that grew quickly throughout the 70s. Kapnick insured over 50 of these burgeoning groups all over the Midwest stemming from Adrian. Understanding the importance of group buying on behalf of these dealers, Kapnick began leveraging carrier relationships, adding coverage expertise and offering best in class service to this market and steadily built other niche insurance options with the help of its growing insurance carrier list.

After developing a book of over 300 golf course clients in the early 80s, Kapnick turned its attention to Transportation/ Trucking as a viable niche. In doing so, a book of over 250 trucking companies including towing providers developed and continues to grow today, and as a result is one of Kapnick’s top three classes of business. Kapnick Insurance Group’s agency’s risk services and multiple carrier options reflect this.
This brings us to the title of this blog entry.

Kapnick Invests Further in Transportation and Vocational Truck Capability. Already under way, Kapnick is building a niche insurance purchasing group for the truck trailer and related truck equipment industry.  This will be championed by industry specialist Jim Hamilton and yours truly. This newest endeavor will be open for business soon. The Jim and Joe team are currently reaching out to key members of this industry group to customize our products and services for your benefit. Kapnick has at least a half dozen carriers that are working with them to design coverage and offer actual value to the insurance buyer in this area. By working with a handful of key insurance carriers, multiple options can be offered depending on the risk. We have learned that bringing one carrier to be all things to all people can be destined to fail.

If your business is related to this growing industry, and you are looking for real options with your insurance and risk management program, don’t be surprised if you hear from Jim or Joe on behalf of Kapnick Insurance Group. They are looking forward to delivering solutions to you. We are people helping people, it’s what we do best!