Welcome to the Kapnick Blog

Welcome to Kapnick’s virtual bulletin board. Our goal is to keep you informed about what is going on at Kapnick along with a host of other topics. We post everything from healthy recipes  to cyber liability issues.  Maria Hicks, Health Solutions Coordinator at Kapnick,  provides a smorgasbord of health, fitness and cooking tips for her – Health Coach Corner blog.  Stew Nelson, Client Executive is our “techy” blogger for – New Perils in a Connected World.  Joe Buick, CIC, CRM | vice president is our business insurance blogger who blogs on all things relating to your business and insurance in his bi-weekly post  – Your Weekly Cup of Joe.  And last but not least Sarah Szul, Health Solutions Manager blogs on trends surrounding workplace wellness in her weekly blog – What is a Workplace Wellness Program? We post weekly so check back often we welcome spam free comments!