John’s Wellness Journey – Week 8


This week was the biggest week of my Journey to Wellness.  I had no change in weight but, this journey just got pushed to a whole different level.  I am excited and scared to death at the same time.  I am now officially working with a trainer.  The Franklin Athletic Club has the most wonderful trainer on staff by the name of Sarah Kuretsky.  Sarah and I are going to be working together at the Franklin Athletic Club once a week for some extra physical training.  I had my first training session and let me tell you that I used muscles that I never thought I had before.  I firmly believe that all of the pieces to the wellness puzzle are coming together finally.  I have hit a plateau and needed to take it another level.  Steve Peck and Sarah Kuretsky worked out by my side and showed me a little taste of things to come from the extra training.  I am really the luckiest person in the world for having such a qualified and supportive team in place to make this a win-win for everybody.  The next 8 weeks of my life working with Sarah are going to be transforming and I am totally pumped up about it. I have access to all of the weights, classes and equipment to use in my workouts.  I can’t wait to work harder and see more positive changes to my body and health.  WOW, what a nice feeling to have somebody “Pay it forward”, and have you be the recipient of it.  I am forever grateful.  THANK YOU!!!!  It is time for the pain and sweat. If it doesn’t kill me, it will only make me stronger.


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    • John "Flaco" Kontos
      John "Flaco" Kontos says:

      Thanks Sarah. One day I will lift that shirt and show everybody a six pack. One day….

  1. Ruthie
    Ruthie says:

    I feel your pain, I suffered an injury this week and it most definitely is cutting into my routine. How do you deal with these?

    • John "Flaco" Kontos
      John "Flaco" Kontos says:

      Come on Ruthie. We have all had to work through the injuries at one time or another. That ankle will be better soon. Stay strong and focused. Remember it is not how fast you go. You are still lapping people that are on the couch.

  2. Sandra Trumbo
    Sandra Trumbo says:

    How awesome!! It is definitely fortunate to have a trainer to get you started in the right, you have Maria Hicks to help you out with health eating and other exercises, etc. You just can’t lose…..wait a minute….did I say something wrong here LOL….I’m totally jealous!!

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