John’s Wellness Journey – Week 10

Goodbye week 10……..

Ok, here goes one of the most painful weeks in a long time.  It is a
good pain though.  I have been to the Franklin Athletic Club everyday
this week.  I have been lifting weights and working my entire upper body
pretty good.  I am trying to walk, lift weights, eat right and still
have enough in me to workout with Sarah “Let’s Kill Kontos” Kuretzky for
our 1 hour power training session.  I would highly recommend that if you
are looking for a fitness trainer that can make a difference that you
call Sarah and set it up.  Slowly and patiently she is making a
difference.  She is the “X-factor” to my regimen.  I love that I have
such a great support group on my side.  When you are out of shape or
working on getting back in shape, it can be hard to feel comfortable in
the gym with other fitness maniacs staring you down.  It is all about
attitude and making sure that you remain positive.  I actually had a
member come up to me and give me a compliment which was great.  This guy
has maybe an ounce of fat on him and is running at full speed on the
treadmill while I am there for an hour each day.  In the locker room on
the way out he stops me and says, “Son, I am starting to see a
difference in you already so keep working hard”.  It made me feel so
good to hear that from a complete stranger. Take it serious and stay
focused and good things will come.  I am starting to get the feeling
back in my legs after the last session so, I must keep working hard.  I
might not be losing a ton of weight right now but I am losing inches
because I can tell by some of the clothes I am wearing.  I lost a few
pounds this week and I am happy about that for sure. I feel great and
look forward to getting in the 200’s soon.  I didn’t get this way over
night and I know that it will take time to get to where I want to be.  I
know one thing for sure and that I have all of the resources and people
in place to get me there.  It is even better that my wife Sherrie is on
board with all of these lifestyle changes and is so supportive even when
I complain about how sore I am after the workouts.


The journey is heating up and continues…..

Trust me when I say that you will not regret setting up a personal
training session.

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  1. Sandra Trumbo
    Sandra Trumbo says:

    I told you that I noticed your clothes getting loser. Just remember, by Christmas everyone can get you clothes for an x-mas gift LOL! Actually, though, even if you are eating more than lightly, you are exercising and that is better than no exercise at all. Nobody can expect anyone to eat like a bird and exercise every day. You need energy to move. You are inspiring me to exercise by watching these videos. I may try them out myself :0)

    • John "Flaco" Kontos
      John "Flaco" Kontos says:

      Thanks Sandy. Trust me when I say that I am not smiling when I am done with my workout. They look pretty easy to do but they are really good muscle workouts. I feel a difference every day. Sarah is really great at what she does. She relates to you personally. The best part about Sarah is that she used to be in this same position as me and has beat it. She looks great and really wants you to get where your goal weight is with her help. I can’t wait to hit the 200’s for the 1st time in 10 years.

  2. John "Flaco" Kontos
    John "Flaco" Kontos says:

    Great workout today in spite of the heat. I need to really stay focused so that I get the best results. Thanks to Crystal and Sarah for the great comments today at the gym. It makes all of the difference in the world to me. Even though I am a flopper. LOL

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