Introducing Joe Buick – Commercial Insurance and Risk Management Blogger

When you think of Blogs, the first thing to come to mind likely is not insurance…am I right? Well I can’t say that I blame you. Over the next several weeks, I will try to bring to any willing blog reader a slightly new perspective. This perspective will hopefully give an insider’s look of Kapnick Commercial Insurance. Yes there are insurance trends, important coverages, and new products that we will discuss. But this blog will also introduce you to some Kapnick Insurance Team members and explain how we collectively help our clients. One of our tag lines  is to “Simplify” Insurance. I hope that this blog can illustrate how we accomplish this, all the while delivering a professional and best in class insurance related experience.

If you have any questions or comments on the material presented in my blogs, I can be contacted at

Thanks for reading our  blog!

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