Real Estate & Property Management

Real Estate & Property Management


Real estate and property management owners, managers, and developers operate in a dynamic industry in which everyday risks, such as natural hazards, are married to more complex challenges like environmental liabilities, contractual obligations and stricter lending requirements. Our team leaves no stone unturned when designing your unique program.

Businesses whose primary focus is on ownership, property management and development of real estate are among an elite group of clients at Kapnick Insurance Group. We put great emphasis on understanding the intricacies of a growing number of commercial and industrial fields, and a large part of our focus continues to be on property management. By developing areas of specialization and thoroughly understanding how our clients’ businesses work, we are able to provide superior solutions in helping to control costs, manage risk and reduce losses.

Meet the team!

We work with top rated insurance companies

that offer highly specialized programs for businesses in the property management industry.


WebApartment-BalconyWhat You Don’t Know About Decks and Balconies Could Harm You

Stay educated about the risks on your property

About 33,000 injuries are reported each year as a result of balcony/deck collapses or falls from failed railings. Is your deck or balcony safe? With about 50 million decks and balconies across the U.S. more than 20 years old, it’s critical to have your deck/balcony inspected. While it’s always advised to call a professional, the following safety tips can help you determine if your structures pass the preliminary safety test.

Download the white paper below for proper maintenance and risk solutions.




Are your Residents Covered?

Unfortunately, renters insurance often falls under the radar. Approximately 80% of renters do not carry renters insurance. Help educate your renters with this customizable brochure on the importance of renters insurance to not ONLY protect their valuables but also your property! What’s in the brochure? – The cost of renters insurance, what renters insurance covers, extra coverages, the difference between content coverage and liability + MORE!

Click below to download your customizable word document brochure and start making it your own today!


We work with top-rated insurance companies that offer highly specialized programs for property managers. In addition to standard property and liability coverages, these companies offer a large number of coverage advantages unique to your industry needs, including:

  • Guaranteed replacement loss settlement clause for building coverage
  • Loss of rents coverage written on actual loss sustained basis for 18 months
  • Policy written on a three-year, guaranteed rate
  • Mechanical breakdown/boiler coverage included in property premium
  • Property coverage has no co-insurance clause
  • Mold coverage included on a $15,000 per building limit
  • Terrorism coverage included

These insurance companies also provide first-class services including loss control and claims service. On top of this you receive the unparalleled service and attention to detail that Kapnick Insurance Group is renowned for. Since we are an independent agency, we market your business to those companies we feel will offer you the best package of coverages at the lowest overall total cost of risk. We then consult with you on the results and assist you in making an informed decision on your insurance placement that provides the protection ideal for your business.  Call today and put the Strength, Knowledge and Direction of Kapnick Insurance Group to work for you.

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