How to implement a 5K training program at your workplace

Do you want to implement a fun, team-building, fitness-promoting wellness event for your employees and co-workers?

Have you ever wanted to train for a 5K race?  Spring & summer are around the corner and there are plenty of 5K events in your area.   At Kapnick, we are promoting and participating in 5K races this spring and encouraging all our employees to start training and complete a 5K race, either walking or running.  This is a great wellness activity that promotes prolonged physical activity and a sense of accomplishment.

How to implement a 5K training program at your workplace:

  • Pick a 5K in your area 8-10 weeks from now
  • Create posters & flyers to promote participation in a company-wide 5K race
  • Conduct an information session with your employees to talk about the 5K races, tips for training, injury prevention and proper nutrition for walking/running.  (You can find everything you need online for your information session) – Runner’s World,,
  • Once the weather warms up, start training with your co-workers one day a week (agree upon one day a week to meet for a run/walk after work)
  • Continue to promote, encourage and motivate employees to train during the 8-10 week training schedule (send weekly motivational emails & reminders)
  • Sign up for the race!
  • Agree upon a meeting place at the 5K registration and walk/run the race together as a team
  • Celebrate your success!
  • Keep on training and make goals for other 5K’s or a 10K – or just keep active!


Here are some 5K training schedules for beginners!


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