Holiday Indulgences Have You Down?

Here are 7 tips for the days after: 

1) Don’t starve yourself.  Seriously reducing calories the day after a large feast will slow your metabolism, and that’s the day you need that metabolism to be working at full capacity.

2) Eat healthy whole foods, high quality proteins, and lots of vegetables to keep your system working all day and burning efficiently.

3) Avoid processed foods.  Processed foods will add to the bloat today. Avoid bread, pasta, and cracker type foods, and go for salads, vegetables, and grass fed meats or legumes and whole grains.

4) Avoid salt and salty foods; that might mean avoiding restaurants because most restaurants over-salt their food.  This is a great day for a home cooked veggie stir-fry, or a pureed vegetable soup (see recipes posted in previous blogs).

5) Drink lots of water to help flush the salt out of your system and to keep you satisfied.  Many times when we think we’re hungry, when we’re actually thirsty.  Fill your water bottles this morning, add some lemon for flavor, and indulge in this all day. Flush, flush, flush.

6) Move your body today by going for a long walk, hike or bike ride. Get some fresh air, and smile while you do.  This will help to increase your metabolism too.

7) Don’t stress it– studies show that stress actually leads to weight gain.  It’s a Holiday, and it’s all good.

Forgive yourself, and continue to be thankful!   

Try this for 3 days, and you’ll be back to feeling fabulous.


Sarah Kuretzky, MA CPT, CHHC