Health Coach Corner – Healthy Picnic Tips

Health Coach Corner by Maria Hicks

Labor Day weekend is just around the corner.  This is our last summer picnic for many people and I want to share a few ways to keep your summer picnic healthy!  Picnic foods from pasta salads to fruit salads can be loaded with fat & calories.  My motto when eating at a summer holiday event, “keep it lite”.  You can still have filling & flavorful foods without the extra fat & calories.

Make-over your pasta salad – use brown rice or quinoa pasta.  Never heard of quinoa pasta?   Read about it here:

Potato Salad – Why not skip the mayo and use mustard and relish and fat-free Greek yogurt instead.

½ cup Mayo = 458 calories & 39 grams of fat

½ cup Greek yogurt = 60 calories & zero fat

See the savings?  Yes!

What’s the difference between Greek yogurt and plain old yogurt?  Check it out here:

Fruit for everyone:  Make your fruit salad more fun to eat!  Put pieces of fruit on a skewer and serve with low-fat strawberry yogurt for dipping.  This little trick may entice your kiddos to eat their fruit!

Sweet treats – make a batch of brownies with applesauce and top with all-natural peanut butter instead of frosting, layer sliced bananas with low-fat vanilla pudding topped with “lite” whipped cream and chopped walnuts.

And don’t forget to get your “move” on – grab your friends & family and get a good ‘ole fashioned game of kickball going!


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