Health Coach Corner – Superstar Super Fruit

Health Coach Corner by Maria Hicks

 Can you take a guess at a superstar super fruit with high levels of vitamin C? Ok, there are a lot of options because lots of fruits are superstars and high in antioxidants. But, today I want to highlight the grapefruit. I want to share a few nuggets of information about the awesome grapefruit and hopefully entice you to add it to your next shopping list!

It helps protect your heart – enjoying one grapefruit a day can help lower “bad” LDL cholesterol levels. The deep red ones pack the biggest punch of antioxidants! Check with your doctor, if you’re on certain medications because grapefruit can interact with some medications.

It smoothes your rough skin – use this citrus star to get rid of dark patches on knees & elbows. It’s loaded with vitamin C, a mild acid, which helps fade dark spots.

It boosts your metabolism – The fruit’s compounds aid in fat burning and stabilizing blood sugar levels. It’s a natural hunger-buster.

It’s a green cleaner – Dip a half of grapefruit into sea salt and rub all over bathroom fixtures, squeezing leftover juice as you go. The citric acid in the fruit dissolves dirt and grime; the salt disinfects and scours. After scrubbing, rinse everything away.

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