Health Coach Corner – Massage Away Some Health Issues

Health Coach Corner – by Maria Hicks

Massage is a great way to reduce muscle pain, relieve stress and just feel good.  You can pay for a specially trained massage therapist to work your muscles or you can try some self-massage tips – and relieve some pain without the cost.

I usually spend a few minutes a day massaging my upper back, shoulders and neck and sometimes I massage my temples in small circles, if I have a tension headache.  I am a believer in massage therapy.  I always say, that I wish I had a family member in the business and I would volunteer to be their “guinea pig”.

I recently learned a few tips on a self-massage for specific health-related woes.  Here’s a few for you:

Stressed?  Try Thai Massage

Sitting comfortably on the floor, draw your left foot in toward your groin, keeping your knee as close to the floor as possible.  Cross your right leg over your left, placing the sole of your right foot on the floor, and slowly twist your torso to the right.  Hold the pose for 3 to 10 deep breaths, switch sides and repeat.

Blocked Sinuses?  Try Nasal Massage

Stimulating the pressure points at the base of the nose has been proven to reduce nasal congestion.  It is believed this acupressure point is connected to the trigeminal nerve, which is responsible for all sensation in the face, including feelings of congestion.  Try this: place the pads of your index fingers on the base of either side of your nose.  Massage the area for 30 seconds in quick circular motions.  Repeat throughout the day.

Feeling Down?  Try this Hand Massage

Pick your favorite essential oil (lavender has been known to be very calming) – using the oil (mixed with coconut or olive oil) starting where your hand and wrist meet, use your thumb to knead the palm and finger pads of your opposite hand.  Then massage the fleshy area between your thumb and index finger to stimulate the calming acupressure point there.

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