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Maria Hicks, Health Coach – Health Coach Corner

Do you like jumping?  Remember being a kid and pretending you were a rabbit and jumping around?  At least, I remember doing that or jumping on a pogo ball or a pogo stick?  It was a fun activity!  But, did you know that jumping is an incredible workout?  It’s a great cardio workout, it’s easy on the joints and it works to stimulate lymphatic flow, which increases our immunity.

Jumping rope or jumping jacks is a good activity if you have strong knees and a healthy back.  What about those of us who have a “bad back” or weak knees?  I have a “bad” right knee and my days of jumping rope are long gone.  But, I have a solution – and that’s jumping on a mini trampoline!   It’s a fun way to workout, it takes up minimal amount of space, and I can do it in my living room and its inexpensive (a decent mini trampoline will run you around $40.00).  It’s an amazing way to wake up in the morning and gets the blood flowing and metabolism cranked up.  I will jump for 10-15 minutes every morning!


Here are some other jumping benefits:


* Strengthens muscles, tendons, and ligaments

* Improves skin tone

* Helps to firm thighs, legs, hips, and yes, abs too!

* Helps bones become mineralized, dense and strong

* Improves balance

* Improves digestion and thyroid function

* Improves cardio-pulmonary oxygen supply to all cells

* Improves bone marrow production of red blood cells

* Eliminates exercise-induced stress on joints

* Helps you lose weight by normalizing metabolism

* Improves sub-optimal blood circulation

* Improves quality of deep (restorative) sleep

* Improves lower body muscular coordination and agility

* Increases lymphatic system which cleanses the body

* Improves immune system function

* Reduces stress

* Reduces menstrual discomfort

* Large variety of exercise routines for all levels of fitness

* It’s convenient!

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