Health Coach Corner – Healthy 4th of July tips

It’s 4th of July week and I know many of us have picnics and parties at home or a park.  You can enjoy the holiday but stay safe with these helpful tips!  I’ll be parade-watching, BBQing and playing some corn hole and kickball.  Hope you all have a fun & healthy 4th of July!


  1. Go LIGHT – skip the heavy, creamy side dishes and make a fresh corn & black bean salsa
  2. Stay Hydrated – drink water, water and more water!  Add lemon, pineapple or raspberries for a fresh fruit flavor.  Eat plenty of water-packed fruit too, like apples & watermelon
  3. Stay Covered Up – keep your skin UV protected and wear your SPF, hat & sunglasses
  4. Leave the Fireworks to the professionals – enough said!
  5. Keep COLD food COLD and HOT food HOT – and when in doubt, throw it out!  Keep foods out of the hot sun and when everyone is done eating, put all the food away (you can take the food back out when people are hungry again but don’t just leave it out all day)
  6. Clean the Grill – a dirty grill can be a breeding ground for bacteria and other “gunk”.  Scrub it down after each use and keep your food clean
  7. Have fun and stay active with some lawn games – bocce ball, croquet, corn hole, etc… play games, have fun and get some physical activity
  8. Skip the desserts – and enjoy refreshing and healthy fruit salads for dessert – you can even add some whipped cream and a drizzle of dark chocolate sauce