Health Coach Corner – Golf

Health Coach Corner – Maria Hicks

Who likes to golf?  I used to work at a golf course during the summers in college and I actually got into golfing.  I bought a set of clubs and I would practice at the driving range a few times a week.  Sadly, my golf skills have gone downhill.

It’s close to summer and I am sure a lot of you are golfers – whether beginners or seasoned golf-leaguers.  Here are some fun golf tips for you:

The GRIP:  The tighter you hold the golf club, the more the ball has a tendency to go off to the right.  The looser you grip the golf club; the tendency is for the golf ball to go off to the left.  Hold the club correctly:  Lay the handle on your palms and grasp the club with your thumbs facing down.  Choke down on the club if you don’t want to hit the golf ball too far.  Choke up on the club for maximum distance.

The STANCE:  One way to tell if your stance is correct is to try to move your toes up and down as you are standing with the golf club.  If you are leaning too far towards the golf ball you will not be able to move your feet.  If you are leaning too far backwards you will have an easy time moving both feet.

TEE HEIGHT:  The golf ball should be slightly higher than the center of the club face.  If you are hitting underneath the ball, keep your chin up.  If you are topping the ball, fix your posture and bend over a little more.

TIMINIG:  If your timing is off and your body’s too quick, you’ll hit to the right.  If your timing’s off and your body’s a little too slow, you might hook it.  Make sure that the bottom part of your body is moving out of the way as your arms swing down.

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