Health Coach Corner – Get your Zzzzz’s

Health Coach Corner – by Maria Hicks

Better Sleep Tips!

I was recently reading an article in my Health magazine about better sleep tips and I thought they were really excellent.  Then, I got the great idea to share them on my blog for my readers.

I know we all suffer from sleepless nights, now and again.  How come some nights you can fall asleep quickly but other nights, you can never get comfortable?   It could be due to stress, your late night coffee run or exercising or eating too close to bedtime.  Whatever the underlying reason for your sleepless night, here are some fun tips to get your Zzz’s back and wake up more refreshed!

Peaceful pigments – the most restful colors for your bedroom walls are soothing blues and greens so if your walls are white, beige or red, maybe a switch to a blue or green is in your future?

Stretch yourself sleepy – practicing yoga poses or stretching before bed can help you relieve stress and feel more peaceful

Darken it up – even a bit of moonlight sneaking through your shades can disrupt your sleep cycle, try wearing a sleep mask like this one:

Write off worries – does your brain start racing the second your head hits the pillow?  Quiet your mind by journaling before bed

Cool & calm – do you ever wake up sweaty?  Forget those flannel sheets and opt for a lighter, more breathable moisture-wicking fabric

Get comfy – super cozy, lightweight cotton jimmies are your best bet to be comfy and the more comfortable you are, the better chance of falling sleep and staying asleep

Keep the red digits away – is your clock glaring into the darkness?   Turn your clock around, so you won’t be distracted by the glaring numbers – or stressed that it’s 2:00am and you are still awake

A little noise may help – some people (like myself) cannot fall asleep in a super quiet space, I’m not suggesting having your TV or radio blaring but a nice, soft humming sound – like a fan – can help you fall asleep and disguise any “ringing” in your ears

Try a few sleep better tips tonight!  I can’t take credit for all these tips; I give credit to my Health Magazine as well for their great sleep tips!

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  1. Maria Hicks
    Maria Hicks says:

    Thank you, Johan!
    Have you tried any of the tips? My favorite is stretching before bed, helps me to relax and fall asleep!


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