Health Coach Corner – “Get more active” and tips to stay motivated!

Maria Hicks Health Coach

Maria Hicks
Health Coach

How to stay committed to being more active:

  • Move more at home and work
  • Write it down!
  • Enlist a buddy
  • Find something you enjoy doing
  • Try something new
  • Make-up your mind, make a commitment
  • Get excited about being active!

Get more activity into each day:

  • Stand-up more at work
  • Use an exercise band throughout the day
  • Stretch every hour
  • March in place – in your office space
  • Take the stairs, as much as possible
  • Stand while talking on the phone
  • Hold a walking meeting
  • Stand in your next meeting

Ways to sneak activity into every day:

  • Turn Your Commute into a Workout –  Walk, run or bike to work if possible.