Health Coach Corner – 3 Simple Steps to a Healthy Heart

Health Coach Corner by Maria Hicks

Today I want to share with you my “3 steps to a healthy heart” – this is based on my holistic approach to wellness.  A healthy heart means combining a good diet, exercise and practice stress reduction techniques.  These tips will keep your lovely “ticker” to keep on ticking!

1.          NUTRITION: eating for a healthy heart

  • Low sodium (decrease blood volume and blood pressure)
  • Low fat (helps keep arteries clear of plaque)
  • High fiber  (binds with fat & cholesterol and takes out of body)
  • Fruits & veggies (fiber, vitamins & minerals & antioxidants)
  • Whole grains (high fiber and vitamins & minerals, best source of energy our bodies need and use)
  • Beans (protein & fiber)
  • Limited animal products (cuts down on saturated fat & cholesterol in the diet)
  • Quit smoking (just do it and quit, please!!!)
  • Limit alcohol

2.        EXERCISE: goal – 5 days a week for 30-60 minutes

  • F – Frequency (“most days a week” or 5 days)
  • I – Intensity (get your heart pumping, people!)
  • T – Time (30 – 60 minutes) at once or spilt up
  • T – Type (the one you enjoy) – combine strength, cardio
    and stretching

3.        REDUCE STRESS:  practice daily stress reduction techniques to intentionally reduce physical stress & follow a sleeping pattern.  Try going to bed at the same time and waking at the same time.  Find things that work well for YOU – journaling, reading, massage, walking, yoga, etc…

For more tips click on the link here!