Health and Wellness – of course there’s an app for that!

Written by Sarah Szul

Sarah Szul, Health Solutions Manager

Sarah Szul, Health Solutions Manager


Most of your employees have a smartphone so why not promote some useful apps to assist them with their health and wellness endeavors.  Below are some of the top  health tracking apps. I tried them all out and below is what I found out + they are all FREE! Do you have any favorite fitness apps? Please share them with me and let’s get moving!


MYfitnessPalWhat is it?  When it comes to health and fitness tracking, MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular apps out there for tracking fitness and other health measurements. It has a huge database of food items which makes it easy for users to keep track of calories.

Why try it?  This app very easy to use and it supports any type of diet you might be following or if you are just trying to eat healthier.
Availability?  iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and  BlackBerry


MovesWhat is it?  Moves is an app that turns your phone into a pedometer that can record everything from steps taken in a day to miles cycled on a bike.
Why try it? Who needs a pedometer when you can just use your phone to track your movement?
Availability?  iOS


Nike Training Club

NikeWhat is it?  This app has over 100 workouts that you can choose from based on your current fitness level and your fitness goal.
Why try it?  The app offers 15, 30 and 45-minute workouts featuring audio guidance and video demos – so you can pick your workout based on how much time you have.
Availability?  iOS and Android



EverestWhat is it?  This app can help you set goals and track your progress.  Whether you want to lose some weight, learn to speak a new language, or start saving more money each month, the step-by-step tips and encouragement from other users will help inspire you to reach your goal.   You can use the app to set reminders for yourself, create mini-goals, and connect with other people who have the same goal.
Why try it? With this app, you can take photos of your progress, share comments on Facebook and Twitter, and interact with other Everest users —it’s helpful to get that extra support!
Availability?  iOS


STrAVAWhat is it?  This popular app lets you upload data from your smartphone and the app will automatically log your workouts in its personal system.  You can then compare your workouts to previous runs and/or bike rides to track your progress and improvement.
Why try it? This app is easy to use and you can track progress in running and/or biking. Some of the other unique features include the ability to locate popular routes in a new location and to record the age of your fitness gear to know when it’s time to get replacements.
Availability?  iOS and Android