Fun Fitness in February Kettlebell Training

Kim Bielenda  Health Solutions Coordinator

Kim Bielenda
Health Solutions Coordinator

Kettlebells are one of my favorite tools to use when working out!  First off they are fun, fairly inexpensive and you can get a great workout in less than 20 minutes! Kettlebells can be found at most gyms but what I like most is the fact you can do the exercises right in your own home.

What exactly is a kettlebell? It is a bowling ball shaped weight with a handle attached. They are typically black and cast iron but nowadays since they have become so popular, you can even find pink rubber coated ones!

What does kettlebell training do? Basically, it gives your whole body a workout. It can be used for cardio or simply some strength training. Kettlebell training will increase your endurance, provide rapid weight loss, build muscular strength, increase core stability, and even help with flexibility.

So, what is all the talk about? Kettlebell training actually delivers results!! The exercises burn more calories in less time than traditional workouts. The unique shape of the kettlebell makes workouts more effective (dumbbells have equal weight, where kettlebells are uneven, thus harder to handle).

Below is an example of a popular kettlebell exercise. The Two-Hand Swing

You begin by holding the kettlebell with both hands on the handle.  Sink into a squat with the weight between your legs.  Make sure to keep your chest up, engage your core and keep arms loose. Shift all your body weight into your heels then stand up out of the squatted position. As you are standing up, you will then swing the kettlebell out to chest height.

So what do you think? It is at least worth a try! Think about it, only one piece of equipment needed and a couple 20 minute workouts per week for results. Also, no gym membership or fancy equipment needed!