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Door to Door Organics

Companies are beginning to understand that many chronic diseases (heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc.) can be linked to an unhealthy lifestyle. Employers are starting to see the need for and importance of workplace wellness programs and initiatives. Research has shown that many of these chronic diseases can be prevented through a healthy and balanced lifestyle that includes regular exercise, a healthy diet, and stress management. An unhealthy employee not only costs the company more money in terms of health care and insurance costs, but can also be less productive at work due to health problems. Incorporating a fruit and vegetable delivery service to your office is a great way to enhance your wellness program and promote a healthier workforce.

Benefits of offering a Fruit and Vegetable Delivery Service:

  • Creates an employee benefit that boosts morale, health and wellness.
  • Makes eating healthier easier by buying local produce and bringing it to the office.
  • Builds community in the workplace with excitement of trying new fruits and vegetables.
  • Demonstrates employer’s commitment to local farmers, the environment and the economy.
  • Creates a healthy work environment – replace processed foods in your office with healthy, organic snacks.
  • Adds to your workplace wellness program.

One company that has great produce which I have used is Door to Door Organics. In my opinion it is Michigan’s top home, office, and co-op delivery service of fresh, organic fruits, vegetables and select groceries. Each week of the year they deliver the freshest organic produce directly to their customers at competitive prices. The contents change weekly based on the freshest arrivals from organic farms.

They have close relationships with their farmers and offer locally grown produce whenever it’s available, which in turn requires less fuel to transport and it supports the local economy.

Spring is a great time to start a new initiative within your company. Try a wellness challenge that incorporates healthy recipes with fruits and vegetables from a local delivery services. Happy Eating!!!!


Sarah Kuretzky MA, CPT, CHHC


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