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Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Benefit Solutions

At Kapnick Insurance Group we seek long-term employee benefit solutions that offer lasting value and help you recruit and… Learn More

Health Care Reform

Health Care Reform

The health care reform law—the Affordable Care Act (ACA)—has many complex requirements for employers and health plans… Learn More

Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

What is workplace wellness? How do you implement a corporate wellness program? We’ve got the answer… Learn More

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Core Services

  • Benefit Solutions

    At Kapnick Insurance Group we seek long-term benefit solutions that offer lasting value and help you recruit and retain the best employees.

  • Health Care Reform

    We have created a team of HCR specialists that focus on breaking down the many complex requirements for employers and their health plans.

  • Select Business Unit

    Kapnick Insurance Group’s Select Business Unit is tailored specifically for the unique needs of small business owners.

  • Kapnick Flex™

    Accessing your Flex Account via the Kapnick website just became easier.

  • Kapnick HR

    Kapnick HR is your personalized web site that allows you to effortlessly access HR documents, legislate updates and much more.

  • Kapnick HSA

    Health savings accounts (HSAs) are a growing trend in health care. An HSA is a tax-exempt savings account established for the purpose of paying for the qualified medical expenses of an individual and/or his or her spouse and tax dependents.

  • Kapnick HR eSolutions™

    Kapnick HR eSolutions is a software platform offering you a suite of services that streamline all aspects of your HR, benefits, and payroll administration.

  • Financial Strategies

    With our experience, we make navigating through the financial planning process a breeze at both the business and individual level.

  • KAPNICK strive®

    At Kapnick Insurance Group, we’re taking a different approach to traditional wellness. Our unique program is changing the way business owners, HR professionals and risk managers lower their cost of risk and STRIVE to improve the health and productivity of their employees.

  • Corporate Wellness

    At Kapnick Insurance Group we’re breaking new ground. And we are breathing new life into the way risk managers,  business owners and HR professionals lower their cost of risk and KAPNICK strive® to improve operational effectiveness.

  • Medicare

    Medicare is the federal health insurance program for people who are age 65 or older or  younger people with certain specified disabilities.


Trillium Staffing

“Our benefit team was looking for a partner with the expertise and resources to help guide us through the Affordable Care Act. In Kapnick we not only found the expertise and resources we were looking for but a partner that was willing to take the time to understand our industry. They tailored their processes from traditional employment relationships to meet the unique approach we have in the staffing industry. We truly value the partnership with Kapnick.” Timm Sturgeon, Controller

Trillium Staffing
Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center MMTC

“MMTC has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Kapnick Insurance Group for everything from property and commercial insurance to being the third party administrator/broker for MMTC’s employee medical insurance,” per Katrina Glowzinski, MMTC Human Resource Manager. “Recently MMTC added COBRA administration to their area of responsibility. MMTC couldn’t be more pleased with Kapnick’s customer service and professionalism,” stated

Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center MMTC
Pontiac Coil

“The knowledge you have as a company about the insurance industry and products, the judgment you display in adapting that knowledge to our specific circumstances during each phase of our company’s life cycle and the rapidity of service you provide us with is truly world class.”

Pontiac Coil

“I truly loved the Healthy U course held at Walbridge over the 8-week timeframe.  I found it to be a great opportunity to make a commitment to attend each course and invest this time in educating myself and making small changes that will make a big difference.  Considering most of my lunches are spent at my desk working on a project  and grabbing something on the go to eat while working.  Some of the small changes I have implemented from the Healthy U Course.”

  • Drinking more water
  • Increasing fiber in my diet
  • Walking, bike riding & I even made it to the gym once with my husband for a cardio & strength training session

Some other items I have on my to do list:

Including at least a 6 minute + workout in the morning (to start)

  • Getting more sleep
  • Adding quinoa to my diet – I bought it, but haven’t tried it just yet
  • Watching some of the food documentaries – I have the list, but waiting to view with my family
  • Purchasing some additional workout tools